Could you be the new Chair for the Sheffield Brand Partnership?

Could you be the new Chair for the Sheffield Brand Partnership?

06 January 2020

Since 2016 a number of organisations in Sheffield have been working together in a Brand Partnership to help create a meaningful and true representation of the city. This has been steered by the City Growth department at Sheffield City Council.

The Brand Partnership originally comprised of representatives from both Sheffield universities, the Chamber of Commerce, the Culture Consortium, Sheffield BID and Sheffield City Council - though other key partner organisations have been added to the group over time, such as the Sheffield Property Association.

“Sheffield doesn’t shout enough about what it does” has become an all too familiar comment over the years and so the purpose of the group was to find a way to accurately tell Sheffield’s story, in a unique and meaningful way.

The city’s identity isn’t singular. As we’ve transitioned from heavy industry into more specialised manufacturing, and subsequently expanded on this with a number of other specialist sectors, telling Sheffield’s story has become more difficult without a common denominator or a place in which a variety of stories can be told.

In 2019 an updated visual identity for Sheffield was rolled out alongside the launch of the ‘Sheffield Makes’ campaign, which saw a large number of joint projects created across the city. This then culminated in a new storytelling web platform for the city as was launched at the end of 2019.

Now that the new brand and campaign have been established and are starting to gain momentum, we feel it's an appropriate time for a new chairperson to breathe life into the Sheffield Brand Partnership.

Starting in February 2020, we need someone who will help drive a group of committed and passionate people, to build on the success of what has been created. Someone who will energise as well as galvanise, steer and direct, to help elevate the city to greater heights by getting the most out of key partnerships working in collaboration.

We are looking for someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about the city’s culture, economy, arts, education and wellbeing. Ideally you would also have: 

  • Existing relationships with multiple city stakeholders in a variety of sectors
  • A proven track record in delivering value in your own endeavours as well as those for the city
  • The ability to commit to chairing quarterly meetings and reviewing work on an intermittent basis
  • You would also need to be able to attend the first Brand Partnership meeting in February 2020.

Please note, this is an unpaid voluntary position, however it does offer a fantastic opportunity to play an integral role in shaping Sheffield’s city narrative and influencing positive external perceptions of the city, while raising your own professional profile across the city and beyond.


How to apply
If you think this might be you, please submit a statement describing why you feel you would be suitable for the position, along with your contact details. Deadline for application is 5pm on Friday 24 January. Please send applications to:

Likewise, if you have any questions prior to making an application please feel free to get in touch on the email above.