Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2020

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2020

29 January 2020

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (ShAFF) is calling on people who love the outdoors to seek out acts of adventurous rebellion as it reveals an exciting new theme and launches ticket sales for this year’s festival, which takes place at the Showroom Cinema from 20-22 March

  • Bringing the wild outdoors into the heart of the city with a carefully curated 3-day programme of more than 100 of the latest outdoor adventure films

  • This year, ShAFF wants to inspire you to find the rebel in yourself, come together with your tribe, and use your adventurous skills and spirit to re-shape the world for the better

  • Presented in association with the British Mountaineering Council, who will launch their Climate Project at ShAFF

  • Bringing the Outdoor City together - a headline event of the Festival of the Outdoors

  • Family friendly certified screenings

  • Go beyond the films with our programme of free ShAFF festival experiences

Now entering its 15th year, ShAFF is the largest urban adventure film festival in the UK, and the only one in a city with a national park within its limits. This amazing setting inspires us to put on an event that brings people together to celebrate outdoor life and the adventures it offers.  

The festival received 100s of submissions from filmmakers across the globe, and this year’s selection represents the world of outdoor adventure in all its forms. There are dedicated sessions for climbing, running, mountain sports, water, snow, and cycling, as well as those that celebrate a spirit of adventure often found in surprising people and places. Our itineraries for runners, cyclists and families are a great way to plan an action packed and rewarding weekend.

This year, ShAFF also wants to inspire you to find the rebel in yourself, to think outside the box, and to come together with your tribe to re-shape the world for the better. For the love of the land that feeds our adventures, and for the love of the people we adventure with. How will you use your adventurous skills and spirit - and what will your act of rebellion be?

We’re all facing a changing world, and so for the 2020 festival, ShAFF are introducing an ethical film stamp, showcasing what the film industry can do to protect and enhance the landscapes they portray, sourcing local, supporting sustainable consumer choices, promoting a repair culture, and taking hands-on action through a Rebel Raids event series. Read the ShAFF Mission Statement in full on the ShAFF website.

ShAFF is also a headline event of The Outdoor City Festival of the Outdoors, a month-long celebration of everything Sheffeld's outdoors has to offer. From running to cycling, hiking to the Festival aims to get people involved, trying out and experiencing as many different aspects of the outdoors as possible. Whatever your adventures during the festival, everyone is invited to come together for a celebratory drink at the free Saturday night party in the Showroom bar on 21 March. 

Festival Director Matt Heason says: “I believe that if we love the wild places we adventure in, we also have a duty to protect them. Adventurers often push the limits and challenge the norm, and this year we want ShAFF to inspire everyone to use their adventurous skills and spirit to come together to shape the world for the better. That’s why we’re asking you what your act of rebellion will be.” 

Alex Messenger, Head of Communications at the BMC, says: “ShAFF is a perfect fit with our core values of adventure, community and sustainability, and we look forward to making 2020 the best year yet. As well as films, adventure and a great party, we’ll be using the festival to launch the BMC Climate Project: an innovative way that you can make a difference to both our local landscapes and the global climate fight. Plus, all BMC members can get 15% off tickets.”

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