Exciting three year artistic collaboration at Sheffield Cathedral

Exciting three year artistic collaboration at Sheffield Cathedral

03 September 2019

Sheffield Cathedral has announced a new three-year schedule of artistic events seeing the Cathedral transformed in a way it has never been seen before. This will incorporate three major projects each year, during advent, spring and summer.

Beginning this December with a spectacular sound and light show ‘The Angels are Coming!’,  visitors to Sheffield will witness the transformation of the facade of Sheffield Cathedral to start the Christmas celebrations for all the family.

Taking place 4-8 December 2019, the interior of the Cathedral will also be home to a magnificent display where visitors will be immersed in a stunning visual experience set to bespoke music created by Artistic Collaboration, ‘Luxmralis’.

The Reverend Canon Keith Farrow says: ‘’Cathedrals have been an attraction for people over many hundreds of years. These amazing buildings hold something special within them in the beauty of the architecture, the hugely interesting history and heritage story they tell of both local and national events and are places of prayer and spirituality. It is our hope that events such as this will attract many people, both old and new visitors, to experience the wonder of this place as never before. ‘The Angels are coming’ event will tell the amazing story of Christmas in a most unforgettable way.’’

Then in 2020 Sheffield Cathedral will see a series of events and exhibitions created that will capture the imaginations of all ages and attract new audiences to the Cathedral over the next three years. This will include the inaugural “Great Observatory” light and sound installation in March 2020 which will take visitors to the edge of the universe and back, and a new exhibition celebrating the heritage of Sheffield next summer.

Emma Gittins, the Cathedral’s Events Co-ordinator says: “The aim is to make the Cathedral more accessible show that the building is part of the city-centre. We have a population of around 600,000 people in Sheffield and how many of those people have never walked through these doors because they think it’s a building they can’t come in to, or you’ve got to be quiet, or there’s services taking place all the time? We’re not that kind of building, we encourage the whole community to come and there’s no fee to come through our door.”

The two light and sound artworks will be created by Artist Peter Walker and Composer David Harper who form an award winning Artistic collaboration called ‘Luxmuralis’ (which means ‘Light Murals’). Through Son-et- Lumiere, sculpture and sound art pieces they transform and reinterpret the sense of place and space in various locations creatively helping members of the public to take a physical and emotional journey to identify with the subject and message of the artwork.

Similar work by Luxmuralis has seen spectacular events in Germany, Italy and throughout the UK in various locations including The Bodleian Library, Oxfordshire, Compton Verney Warwickshire, and Cathedrals such as Lichfield, St Albans, Christ Church and Guildford to name but a few.

For more information and tickets visit: www.sheffieldcathedral.org/the-angels-are-coming-2019