Construction House

Construction House

12 September 2018

Construction House is a six-month programme of commissions, exhibitions, events and activities by S1 Artspace studio holders, which will explore the role, possibilities and responsibilities of collective artistic activity today.

The programme will reflect on the philosophy and relevance of the influential Bauhaus movement for today’s practicing artist and their relationship with society. The Bauhaus – which celebrates its centenary in 2019 – was the most influential modernist art school of the 20th century, whose approach to teaching, and understanding art’s relationship to society and technology, had a major impact in Europe and the United States long after it closed.

Construction House includes newly commissioned work by artists Alison J Carr, James Clarkson, Joseph Cutts, Natalie Finnemore, Vicky Hayward, Ashley Holmes, Peter Martin & Jon Cannon, Emily Musgrave, Lucy Vann and Roanna Wells. The programme will focus on experimentation and the Bauhaus philosophy of ‘unlearning’, transforming S1 Artspace into an active space of research, production and display.

A literal translation of the term ‘Bauhaus’, Construction House will reflect on the work and ideas of a number of influential Bauhaus Masters and Teachers, from Oskar Schlemmer, La´szlo´ Moholy-Nagy and Marianne Brandt to Gertrud Grunow, Johannes Itten and Paul Klee, and includes archival Bauhaus material and original design objects.

100 years on from the inception of the Bauhaus, which despite its lasting influence only existed from 1919—1933, Construction House will consider how Bauhaus ideas can be applied to a fundamentally changed world. At a time when the role of artists and cultural organisations is becoming ever more important in presenting original ideas and independent thought, Construction House provides a framework for artists to explore their work and approach to artistic practice in relation to this influential movement through connections and collaborations across a broad spectrum of creative activity.

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