Sheffield has experienced something of a beer revolution in recent years, so we're quite happy to adopt the 'World's Best Beer City' title. If you want the in depth detail of why take a look at a recent snapshot report commissioned by the University of Sheffield. But it might be enough to know that there are 57 independent breweries producing and supplying local pubs, bars and restaurants and that on any day of the week, you'll find around 400 different craft beers on sale in and around Sheffield.  

If you want to learn more about the brewing process (before or after you've tasted the finished product) you might like to consider booking a brewery tour, but if you’d prefer to take your own real-ale trail around Sheffield there are plenty of notable establishments to call at.  

If you're coming to Sheffield on the train, your trail can start on Platform 1 where the award-winning 'Sheffield Tap' is located.   It looks like it should be a waiting room from an era of steam trains and nostalgia.  That's proably because that's exactly what it is but Wow! what a way to wait. 

Head up in to the city centre and you'll find a good run of 17 bars with craft beers within stopping distance of each other or drop down to the area around Kelham Island and there's another 10 pubs to call at where you'll be spoiled for choice. If you want to get a local vibe while you're out and about, then pop in to some of the local bars sprawled through the suburbs of the city.

(All of these trails are provided by Jules Gray at

Just a few of those pubs are listed below but we're by no means the experts.   Why not pop in to any of the bars and you'll soon find friendly experts who will point you in the right direction and share their favourite ales.