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Bruce Katz and Kelly Kline Fortune article - 22 July 2015

Two mid-sized cities Fremont and Sheffield are in different parts of the world but share long legacies in manufacturing.... Two cities to watch.

 Sheffield City Council News Release

Vision for Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District drives forward - 27 May 2015.

 Sheffield Hallam University Outdoor Economy Report

Read this independent report into the significance of Sheffield’s outdoor economy.

 Centre for Cities report

Read this independent report into the advance manufacturing economy of Sheffield and Rotherham.

Bruce Katz Blog

Can a city and metropolis apply the innovation district model to advanced manufacturing?

 Sheffield City Council News Release

Sheffield is confirmed as The Outdoor City in the UK.

 University of Sheffield news release on backing the Sheffield-Rotherham Innovation District.

The University of Sheffield is backing an ambitious plan to create the first Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District in the UK.

   Business Quarter news story (29 April 2015)

Read this article to learn what commercial property agents are saying about the impact of Innovation Districts on the City region.