Yoomee - Graduate Case Study


Name: Matt Atkins
Age: 24
From: Sheffield
University attended: University of Southampton
Degree: Electronic Engineering MEng
Position: Developer

How long have you worked at Yoomee for? I have worked at the company for two and a half years since finishing university. Before that I had done a twelve week summer placement here between my third and fourth years at university.

Why did you want to work at Yoomee? I was interested in doing something different and Yoomee provided me with the opportunity to do that. I knew a bit about the company to start off with, and I was keen to return to Sheffield, where I grew up.

What do you think are the benefits of working in a small business? You definitely get greater involvement in all projects by working for a smaller company. There’s also a real sense of ownership through being directly responsible for delivering on certain projects and seeing them through from beginning to end. I’ve also gained valuable insights into how a small business works and developed strong working relationships with everyone in the team.

What do you think you have added to the business? I’d like to think that I’ve added new ideas and ways of doing things into the business, and helped to challenge current thinking. I really enjoy problem solving so I’m always looking for ways to do things better, in more effective ways.

What was the biggest surprise? The biggest surprise was the relaxed office atmosphere and lack of formal dress code. The working environment is very different to other workplaces that I’ve experienced and definitely contributes to innovation and creativity.

What is the most exciting thing you have done since working at Yoomee? Since I started at Yoomee we’ve branched out into developing iPhone and iPad apps, as well as websites. I enjoy learning new technologies so writing my first app from scratch in a new programming language was an exciting challenge.

How do you think this position has helped your future career prospects? My time at Yoomee has given me a very good training ground and solid foundation for my future career.