Forde Recruitment - Graduate Case Study

Name: Matt Holmes
Age: 23
From: The Wirral
University attended: Sheffield Hallam University
Degree: MArt Digital Media Production
Position: Digital Marketing

How long have you worked at Forde Recruitment for? I’ve worked here since the end of August 2013.

Why did you want to work at Forde Recruitment? After completing a Masters, I saw the offer to set up and manage my own digital marketing strategy as a fantastic opportunity, and a great way to measure the return on the company’s investment in me.

What do you think are the benefits of working in a small business? Working within a small business has lots of benefits. You know everyone in your office on a much more personable level, which has meant better communication and working relationships. Due to the smaller team size, I run a one-man-department. This gives me more responsibility, which is a great challenge, and something I’d wait years for in a larger company. It also means that you can’t just stick to your role – you have to pitch in and help others according to the workload, which can help with your understanding of other parts of the business.

What do you think you have added to the business? As a Digital Marketing intern for Forde Recruitment, I’ve added a dimension to the business which was otherwise absent. Developing social media platforms in particular opens the business to a completely new audience. Digital marketing in general has increased public awareness of the company, and consequently, ROI.

What was the biggest surprise? The biggest surprise was how well I fit in, and how well I get on with my colleagues! Small companies rely on team work, and the community aspect means there isn’t a high turnover of staff. When joining an SME you usually join a team of staff who have worked together for years, but everyone has been extremely welcoming.

What is the most exciting thing you have done since working at Forde Recruitment? Setting up a partnership with the local charity, Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, has been brilliant. As part of the partnership, Forde Recruitment will be raising money through events such as runs, and maybe even a colleague of mine jumping out of a plane! It’s great for us, as a company based in Sheffield, to help out and give back to great causes like Weston Park who continue to help people and families all over South Yorkshire.

Based on your RISE experience, are you optimistic about your future career prospects? Absolutely. In a climate where graduates can struggle to find a job in the sector they want to work in, I’ve been able to build a foundation for the start of my career which I can now develop on. The recruitment process for RISE helped me clearly identify my skill set, and the internship has further tuned the direction I’d like my career to go.