Make Yourself at Home has been set up to support our local businesses and communities as life gradually moves forward, whilst remembering the safety and comfort of home.

Sheffield certainly hasn’t been the same without those friendly conversations that happen between strangers on our streets, but the city has seen solidarity and kindness spring up in other ways.

So below you’ll see a collection of stories, resources and suggestions to help make the most of our home, and what home actually means these days - whether that’s delicious deliveries, great outdoors, entertainment/culture online or amazing communities.

If you want to get involved by using the ‘Make Yourself at Home’ badge or any of the images yourself then please go here and help yourself.

Whether you're an independent business, community group, or work for a larger organisation- we’d really like you to be part of 'Make Yourself At Home'-  find out how you can get involved and download the FREE toolkit. 

Here in Sheffield we are incredibly lucky to be able to easily get to green spaces and the outdoors – which is what has given us the nickname ‘The Outdoor City’.

Things may have been quiet in the City Centre for the last few months, but that’s about to change as shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants all reopen.

When supporting your favourite independents suddenly got difficult, This is Sheffield stepped up to create a comprehensive guide.

The thirst for Sheffield beer didn’t disappear when you couldn’t physically buy a pint and lots of businesses have been working hard to keep the good stuff flowing...

This home we call Sheffield is something we tend to be incredibly proud of, even if we find it easier to say what we’re not, rather than what we are sometimes…

To get our economy moving again it's vital we work hand in hand with public health. But don't take our word for it, read what Greg Fell has to say.

Sheffield Culture Hub is a collective of festivals, venues and organisations keeping culture open and helping the arts community stay strong in Sheffield- visit the hub to see all the great culture content you can enjoy at home.

Since 1977 the sport of snooker has had a spiritual home in Sheffield and the Betfred World Snooker Championship is set to return 31 July - 16 August. 

When the pressures of home-schooling and working at home get too much, it's important to look after yourself.

As the situation continues to change, Business Sheffield continue to offer FREE support to local businesses.

Alexis Krachai shares his experience of lockdown and how it has affected his relationship with the city…

Find out what's been happening in local communities and how people are finding new ways to look out for each other.

We all have a duty to respect the environments we live in - not just for nature's sake, but the locals who live around them too.