40th Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology makes triumphant return to Sheffield

40th Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology makes triumphant return to Sheffield

21 September 2018

Delegates from 35 countries will gather in Sheffield later this week as the city hosts the 40th Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology, held by the International Paediatric Pathology Association (IPPA).

Taking place 22-28 September at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria, the 6-day annual course consists of lectures, discussions and seminars, featuring international and local experts.

The IPPA is an "umbrella” organisation, established in 1976, with a remit to bring together interested groups and individuals from around the world to increase knowledge of the diseases of the embryo, foetus, neonate and child and promote its application to the health needs of all countries.

A coveted international event for medical specialists, the course celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2018. Having been hosted in a variety of European destinations over the years, it’s fitting that the 40th edition of the course is to be held in Sheffield as the IPPA's very first course was held in the city, started by Professor John Emery (from Sheffield) back in 1979. Since then the course has grown from hosting just a handful of delegates to around 80 paediatric pathologists, with a three year waiting list.

On Thursday 26 September, there will even be a small ceremony at Sheffield Children’s Hospital reminiscing on the very first course and an unveiling of a plaque to honour Professor Emery and his legacy as a pioneer of paediatric pathology. It will be attended by the CEO of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Mr Peter Emery, John’s son and other family members, the current IPPA President and past course directors.

Sheffield Conference Ambassador, Marta Cohen is Consultant Paediatric Pathologist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, the same position held by Professor John Emery all those years ago. She’s also the Course Director for the Advanced Course in Paediatric Pathology and has been the driving force in bringing the event back to the city.

On securing the event for the city, Marta said: “I saw there was a magnificent opportunity to bring the course to Sheffield in 2018 because it will be the 40th anniversary of the course, which started in Sheffield.

“It will come back to Sheffield for the first time ever and I am trying to recreate exactly what the original delegates did all those years ago, including a guided walk up Mam Tor to recreate a group photo originally taken in 1979. The main course programme will be held at the Holiday Inn Royal Victoria and the gala dinner at Sheffield City Hall. Recreational excursions to Castleton, Chatsworth and Eyam, have been also planned

“I actually met the owner of the hotel via the Sheffield Ambassador Programme, and without the programme, I never would have thought of organising the course – it was a dream for me to bring it back to Sheffield.”

As a valued Conference Ambassador for Sheffield, Marta discovered the Sheffield Ambassador Programme when she was invited to the Sheffield Ambassador Dinner in 2015 and soon realised that it could help her bring the International Paediatric Pathology Association course to the city.

Since then, Marta’s ambitions to bring yet more events, that showcase both Sheffield Children’s Hospital and the city internationally, have already come to further fruition as she’s just secured her second event with the announcement that the Paediatric Pathology Society Conference will be coming to the city in 2020, bringing 140 delegates from across Europe, Australia, North and South America.

The Sheffield Ambassador Programme aims to boost business tourism and encourage the city’s leading professionals from the fields of academia, medicine, arts and science to bring their industry’s biggest and best meetings to Sheffield.

Sheffield’s conference market generates a huge amount for the local economy, estimated to be worth around £152 million to the city, while the Ambassador Programme alone has brought in events valued around £30 million over the last seven years.

For further information visit www.welcometosheffield.co.uk/ambassador