Society of British NeurologicalSurgeons Spring 2013 Conference 

Andras Kemeny from the University of Sheffield, a member of the Society of British Neurological Surgeons became a Sheffield Ambassador when he decided to bid to host the society’s Spring 2013 conference in Sheffield in conjunction with The Hungarian Neurological Society. 

“Organising the conference is quite stressful but I felt it important to bring the country’s neurosurgeons, as well as those from my native country, to my home city. Undoubtedly, it will raise the status of my department to have organised a conference, which will help even my trainees in the future.“ 

The conference is usually organised by the SBNS office but, as they have no local knowledge, it was invaluable to have the help of the Sheffield Convention Bureau. The team proposed suitable venues with full costings and accompanied us on site visits with the representatives of the SBNS office. I believe that there is a lot to be proud of in Sheffield, with the new city centre developments. For the future, the more such conferences that are held in Sheffield, the more likely it is that these developments will continue. Having 200-250 neurosurgeons in Sheffield will help the wider economy of the city and we are excited to be based here for the conference.” 

Society of Independent Brewers Association Conference 2013 (SIBA) 

Sheffield’s reputation as a premier Beer Destination was further cemented when the team from Thornbridge Brewery acted as Sheffield Ambassadors and secured the Society of Independent Brewers Association (SIBA) AGM and Brewing Conference 2013 for Sheffield. 

The event called BeerX, based at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, is a 4 day programme and attracts more than 1500 delegates incorporating Trade Exhibition, National Beer Competition, Business Awards and Festival of Beer, much more than a standard conference. First established in 1980, SIBA was formed to represent the interests of the new emerging wave of microbreweries and in over 30 years has grown to become one of the most respected bodies in the brewing industry. As the independent beer industry continues to evolve, SIBA continues to play an increasingly key role in supporting and influencing its development. 

Simon Webster from Thornbridge said, “With this in mind, it’s not surprising Sheffield has been named the chosen location for BeerX, as the City’s beer brewing community continues to flourish and build a reputation as the UK’s Beer Capital. ” 

Carl Beeson, Chairman of the BeerX Steering Committee said, “BeerX is a big, bold event, celebrating SIBA’s success and showcasing local beers with a new confidence and style that reflects the journey we have travelled in the last 30 years. With both Sheffield’s legacy and promising future for local beers, it’s the ideal host city for BeerX”