Why should you be involved?

  • The programme provides professional kudos from being associated with an event, which you have supported, being held in your city. 
  • It will open up networking opportunities at a regional and national level.
  • It provides you with an increased profile within the city.

Why is it important for the success of Sheffield?

  • Ambassador programmes are vital to a city region’s growth in the UK and international conference markets. They enable a destination to capitalize on the power of professional and academic networks which already exist locally.
  • Conferences have a direct economic benefit for the city, as a direct result of our Ambassadors, Sheffield has generated over £5m of conference business. 
  • Hosting high profile conferences reinforces the message that Sheffield is a city to do business in, that it is a centre of excellence at national and international level.
  • Large conferences are excellent PR for all of us who have an interest in the city and research indicates that 40% or people who visit a region as a delegate will return as leisure visitors.

What happens when you sign up as an Ambassador?

  • We will meet with you to discuss which events you might be able to help influence to come to the city.
  • We will provide you with key facts and figures about the city so that you can talk with confidence about the city and its expertise in hosting events.
  • Working with you, we will approach your recommended associations or professional bodies to learn more about the event and establish if we have the facilities in the city to host it or other events.  
  • We will provide full specialised and experienced support from the first bid process through to onsite event management.
  • You will receive regular communications about the programme and the city
  • You will receive invites to events organised especially for Ambassadors including our annual dinner