Creative and Digital Industries

Sheffield’s digital sector can be traced back to the 1980’s with the success of Gremlin Graphics. Since then we have seen a growing number of Software, Gaming and IT companies establish themselves in the city to create one of the most thriving tech hubs in the UK.

With almost 25,000 people working across our digital sector, easily accessing a large talent pool is why companies such as WanDisco, Sky Bet and HSBC are based here. Sheffield has a great mixture of long-standing companies and ambitious high-growth start-ups across a range of purpose-built facilities such as Electric Works and the Workstation where businesses can come together to collaborate, share ideas or just have a beer!

Sheffield also offers businesses a great opportunity to meet up, collaborate, learn and also have fun. The recent launch of Sheffield Digital, the city's digital industries association, means that businesses locating to Sheffield can connect into the growing eco-system with ease.

Our two universities not only provide a wealth of new talent amongst with over 2,800 students in Computer Studies courses but they have also become part of the tech cluster with each one setting up their own software development houses. The University of Sheffield is also home to the Advanced Computing Research Centre which is helping companies carry out research in areas including Big Data, Simulation and Software Testing.

Sheffield is also developing the next generation of digital talent through the University Technical College based in the heart of the city. The UTC is already working with companies such as Sumo Digital, Team Cooper and Technophobia to bring through new talent.

Sheffield also has a strong Telecoms sector with Plus Net being a great example of how a home-grown new start has turned into a leading ISP and Telecoms company.

To find our more on our digital cluster contact a member of the team on +44 (0)114 223 2382 or email